Start with HTML — Part 1

Many people ask, ‘I want to learn to code, but where to start ?’ or ‘Everything seems to change so quickly…while I am learning one language, another one comes out! What should I learn first?’ Due to the current Covid situation and economic impact the pandemic has caused globally, more people seek to upgrade their knowledge or change their careers entirely.

Here is my advice. Start with HTML, if you haven’t — especially for beginners or anyone interested in web dev.

The reasons are:

1) HTML is the foundation, the gateway to web development, with a low barrier

2) As a markup language, HTML is visual and easy to learn

3) It does not take years to master either — within a few months or even a few weeks, you can pretty much understand the basics and start using it

4) It’s the de facto language for browsers that you use every day, so along with a simple text application you probably have on your computer, you have all the tools you need to start

And finally,
5) Knowing HTML will help you grow as a developer in the long run.

To touch on the definition: HTML is short for HyperText “Markup” Language. As clearly defined here, HTML is not a programming language; it’s a “Markup” language. It’s very visual, dealing with blocks like playing with LEGOs in a way, in my view.

Some other positive aspects about learning HTML is that once you learn the basics, it’s good enough. It does not change much — or I should say the “phase” of change is relatively lax. So after covering the basics, you can pick up some more languages such as Javascript, PHP, Python, and CSS (although CSS is not a language) as you go to expand your knowledge. Having a solid foundation in HTML is essential for any web developers to forge other branches successfully to build something amazing.

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